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Situation:  Wife has a ministry leading group prayers with Shut-In's using ZOOM.  When the Pandemic hit I bought her a new laptop for her to use.

As time went by she began using the laptop more and more like a desktop but kept getting frustrated with all the Windows updates and Microsoft Edge insisting on being the default browser.

Last night was the last straw, the fonts on the screen went blurry and could only be fixed with a reboot which meant her group session that she was leading was interrupted.

I quit using Windows in 2018 and decided enough was enough.

I found an older Dell tower that is easily 10 years old but has 8 gigs of ram, HDMI and a 7200 RPM drive.

I hooked it up to a newer monitor I had and found some ancient speakers that hook up with USB.

I then found an old Microsoft 5MP camera to use.

Well, no surprise that Linux Lite installed smoothly and within a short amount of time I had a nice little computer system setup for her that is dedicated for video conferencing.

She logged in with her google account and found Libre-Word reads her documents without issue.

Zoom configured with no problems and honestly seems smoother.

The computer is reasonably quick with LL 5.4, the Dell Laptop may have an edge on speed but smoothness and reliability are better than speed.

5 out of 5 stars for Linux Lite!

You can install Microsfot Edge on Linux Lite if you want! ;) LoL


--- Quote from: TheDead on July 18, 2021, 01:09:12 PM ---You can install Microsfot Edge on Linux Lite if you want! ;) LoL

--- End quote ---

Most awesome GIF evaaar! ;)

Re - installing Microsoft Edge

I have tried it on Linux and honestly like it better than Chrome as it is less of a resource hog.


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