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LL install gets stuck at the "Updates and other software" section


Hi SteveF,

Thanks for your response. 

Perhaps it would help if I introduced myself a bit:  About a year ago, I started a personal project called "Old laptops for good causes, not landfills."  Basically, I collect laptops and iMacs no longer being used, refurbish them (including installing a Linux distro), and then donate them to non-profits that provide them to low-income folks so that they can apply online for jobs and get online training.  This both helps low-income folks become self-sustaining and helps our environment by keeping old laptops out of the landfill.

So I've worked with over a hundred computers in the last year -- including MacBooks, Windows laptops, Chromebooks, and iMacs.

What I love about LL is that I have been able to install it in a few Chromebooks (with limited RAM) that no longer get Chrome security updates -- sometimes, the Linux install is not perfect.  For example, the sound might not work -- so I will provide a USB headset to solve the problem.

But I like LL a lot, so I want to try it on old MacBooks and old Windows laptops.  That's where I ran into install problems on a few old Macbooks models.  But I love LL because it helps me keep some computers out of the landfill and put them into the hands of those in need.

I really appreciate the LL development team and your great support, Steve.

Have a blessed day!

Bobby L.

As you can install other Linux versions, I guess you understand the Mac booting process, so I was trying to point you at the suggestions from Hanzo.

These seemed plausible (to me) as they may be specific to the LL installer.
It seems the OP didn't get back to us so it isn't clear if either approach worked or not.

I don't have any Apple hardware to verify.  You must have a good source of redundant hardware.

stevef, thanks for the link!

It's comforting that I'm not the only one with this issue!

As I understand the link, I should be using the default download (for UEFI), which I did ... so I am wondering whether I am misreading the advice in the link.

It would be great to see an authoritative solution to this problem as it appears that more than one person is experiencing this problem when installing LL on certain Mac models.


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suggests an approach.

Dear fellow Linux Lite users,

I love the new Linux Lite!  Kudos to the wonderful developers!

To help those in need and to help our environment by keeping useful things (old laptops) out of the landfill, I refurbish old laptops and give them away to those in need so that they can apply online for jobs.

In a few cases involving Apple products (such as a late 2008 MacBook Air), the Linux Lite install process gets stuck at the "Updates and other software" section -- even when none of the boxes are checked.  As a result, the installation process fails -- and I need to use another Linux distro instead.

I would welcome any advice.

All the best,


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