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I apologize that this has sounded somewhat like a "rant".  I suppose, however, after using Linux Lite for more than a few years (I think my first install was in the 3.x range, but I am not sure), there was the site redo with all the ads and popups somewhere in 5.x range (I know ads = budget, but come on gang, its excessive), the change from Firefox to Chromium as the default browser (I hate chromium and having to use snap to install firefox), plus the problems I have had with LL 6 boot delays from service failures that seem very tough to disable, and a few other irritations, I finally think I am going back to good old Debian (11).  It was what I ran for some time before a friend told me about LL.  The other "gotcha" is that I used LL for old laptops to give away (Core Duos with 2-4 GB ram)  and it is getting far to bloated for that.
Later gang
Thanks for years of LL

Let me clarify. Last night I was in the middle of a computer crash.  I was having post "installation" problems with LL6, especially with Bluetooth, Casper and HDMI port drivers.  Since Casper is a thing that supports "live" USB /cd systems, why is it running things like an md5 sum check on a (hard drive) "installed" system? Thanks for comments and replies.

I recently installed Linux Lite 6.0 from a live usb boot stick.  As I watch this thing boot, It would seem that the live usb boot did not install Linux Lite to the Hard drive, but rather installed a persistent "live" image to  my hard drive ( casper tries to check md5 sums on the iso image, I am getting boot time errors for hardware that I do not have (bluetooth, and hdmi port).  I am a bit pi$$ed off if what I suspect is true. Comments?


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