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Linux Lite 5.6 won't boot to hard drive

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I posted this once but didn't see it after a few hours.  So apologies if it appears twice.  I installed Linux Lite 5.6 to a SSD using a newer motherboard system with UEFI and a Ryzen CPU.  I was then able to boot from that SSD fine.  I then moved the SSD to the target system an old Athlon 64b 3500+ PC.  It will not boot to the hard drive. I've also tried a Seagate rotating drive with the same results.  The drives are recognized by the BIOS (non secure) but I only see a cursor on the display.

Running from the DVD I can see that the partitions seem to be correct using Gparted.  I have attached a txt file of the system HW and a link to a screen shot of the Gparted is here:

Can you not just install onto the Athlon 64 system?

Doing the installation on a UEFI system leaves the SSD (and the HDD you tried) configured to only be bootable on a UEFI system.

You can check whether the Athlon system's BIOS has any UEFI support and try enabling it if so, but I suspect it is too old for that.  Can the Athlon system boot from any form of USB device other than a HDD/SSD (e.g. USB CD-ROM or USB flash drive)?  Failing that, does your Ryzen system support "Legacy" or "CSM" as an alternative to UEFI?

Jerry, No I tried 3 different HD and all four SATA ports on the Athlon MB and every time I tried to install Linux from the DVD it would crash after 12 or more hours.  That's why I tried using the newer MB which took about 20 minutes to create the install.


Athlon MB to old to support UEFI and BIOS will only boot to HD or DVD not USB. I think you may be right about my Ryzen system supporting a Legacy BIOS mode.  I'll try that, it's just a big hassle to tear apart the Ryzen system. Thanks.


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