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Linus Lite not booting - PXE-E61/no os detected


I would try setting the BIOS/UEFI back to defaults and then have another go at the install.  It's a new install so no data to lose on the drive, just blast the drive and try the install again.  Good luck and post back here and tell us what happened and if you got the issue resolved.

The manual recommends UEFI mode enabled with Secure Boot off before installing.  As you've found, you can't switch after installation.  If you didn't try setting UEFI as the boot system before installing Linux, try it and let us know what happens.

There are 19 (out of 89,000) records in the Linux Lite database which match "HP ProBook 6560b" so some people appear to have got your model working with Linux Lite - we can't tell if they used BIOS or UEFI mode.

BIOS mode should work and if you want to try debugging the installation, the symptoms you have suggest either something is wrong in the BIOS which stops the system seeing the disk or something went wrong with the installation which makes the disk unbootable.  If you followed the 'Erase Disk' option then the system really should have made the disk bootable.

There are a number of reports on this forum with problems installng on older HP Probooks.
Some of these reports suggest that there may be an inherent problem.

This report is a close match to your symptoms (on an HP4510s) and is recent. The poster appears to have abandoned trying to fix it.

This report may be similar to your symptoms but doesn't really finish.

You may be missing something in the BIOS.  Unfortunately without the same hardware as you have it is difficult to provide specific help.  Maybe someone who has installed on a 6560b can help.

Assuming the BIOS is 100% correct but still has the "BootDevice Not Found" condition, booting the live USB and then using that platform to examine the installed system may help finding what is making it unbootable.  This might get quite complex as the 'Erase Disk' option is usually straight forward.

hi, first of all im new to everything linux

im trying to install linux lite on a old laptop, a 2011 HP ProBook 6560b, so far i followed the install tutorial on linux lite website: downloading ios, writting the iso on a usb stick, booting with usb stick, booting on live system then installing linux lite following the instruction

im trying to only put linux as the only operation system on this laptop, so i installed using ''erase disk and install linux'' option, after finishing the install program made me restart the pc and remove the usb stick

now when it boot it show intel (r) boot agent then 2 code appear:

PXE-E61 : Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting Intel boot agent

then another page:

BootDevice Not Found

Please install an operating system on your hard disk

Hard disk - (3F0)

tpm is enabled
vmx is enabled
i made sure the hard drive is the first boot option in the legacy list
i tryed pressing Esc then f9 for boot list on startup and selected hard drive, same thing

UEFI is not enabled : when i enable it the computer only show system error when booting and seem to be in a restart-system error loop.

anyone know a fix/what i do wrong? i tryed reinstalling linux lite a couple time toggling ''updates and other software'' option on and off is doesnt change anything

i also tryed formating the hard drive in gparted before installing linux lite and it didnt change a thing.


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