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Keyboard Problem Gateway MX6421 laptop (old)


Linux Lite works great on my old Gateway laptop, except for the keyboard. Its a US QWERTY keyboard with a function key that lets you type alternate characters on some keys. There is a row of numbered keys near the top, the "zero" key types "/" when used in conjunction with the function key in windows. The "M" key types "zero" when used in conjunction with the function key in windows. But in Linux Lite those key work backwards, you have to press an hold the function key to type "M" on the M or 0 key and you have to hold the function key and press the 0 or / key to type 0. Is there a way to fix this problem with out adding a usb keyboard?


Try this

Althought it refers to Acer, I had the same problem on other brands which was solved in the same way. It may be the answer but if not, someone else can always chip in.

Will it solve ? -
1. Menu>Settings>Keyboard
2. Application Tab
3. Click Add
4. type your command(the wanting of special character), and next typing the getting keystroke combo for producing of this.

This is typically the result of Numlock being enabled. Along with as the others mentioned..

1st check for physical buttons, FN + a F number that toggles activates/disables.

If reboots resets or LL has enabled it by default check Lite Tweaks (click menu and type) as there is an option to set enabled/disabled.

If above doesn't correct there may be a BIOS option to have numlock enabled.

Sorry for bumping a very old post but I had this exact same problem today as described by the OP, this time with a Gateway M-7315U laptop that I was trying out with a Live CD.

For the life of me I couldn't find anywhere on the physical keyboard to enable or disable numlock but down on the touchpad area there was a blue square with a number 1 in it, indicating that numlock was indeed on.

I finally turned it off by enabling the onscreen keyboard, clicking on "123" and disabling the Num Lock key there, which was highlighted in red. Hope this helps someone!


(edit: I did belatedly figure out that FN + Scroll also enables/disables the Num Lock on this particular laptop).


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