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Click Menu -> Help Manual and look under the Software tab.  You may want to install the "Lite Software Center" because that will make it easier to find programs.

Edit:  Didn't see N4RPS's reply until I posted mine.  In this case, I would recommend reading the manual because it will help your understanding of the methods N4RPS has described.


Welcome to Linux Lite!

This might be in the manual, but I'm not a 'RTFM' kind of guy, so here you go...

The Install/Remove Software icon runs a program called Synaptic Package Manager. You can run Synaptic by
selecting Menu > Run Program and typing

gksu synaptic

in the long rectangular box. If checked, uncheck the 'Run in Terminal' box. A window will appear to type in the sudo (root) password.

Additionally, you can use Lite Software Center to install programs (Menu > System > Lite Software Center).  This assumes your icon for this is there.

A third option is simply opening a terminal (CTRL-ALT-T) and typing

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get install <package name>
--- End code ---

to install, or remove software with

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get remove <package name>
--- End code ---

All Synaptic is just a GUI for apt, to make things easier.

If you're missing a LOT of icons, a reinstall might be in order...


I am fairly new to Linux, and more specifically Linux-Lite, so I am not sure if this is the way it's supposed to be. In the systems section off the main menu, there is no install/remove  part to the menu. The reason for this inquiry is that I am trying to install programs and are unable to do so.


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