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Title: Installing/runnig LL 5.4 on Lenovo Think Pad x100e
Post by: angu5020 on August 07, 2021, 04:48:02 PM
I'm trying to install LL 5.4 on my old Lenovo Think Pad x100e.
The device has a BIOS.

It sucessfully boots from USB. I can see the initall screen to select to run LL or install it.
The installation/live boot works unitl some point. It seems just before rebooting it just shuts down. But I'm not sure if it is trying to reboot or some other error is ocurring before.
It happens so fast I can not even see an error message.

I have a Win10 installation on the device already but plan to whipe it entily to only run LL on the system.