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I would like to replace the existing Linux Lite with a new installation on my Dell Inspiron 1501. I need to replace the existing Broadcom driver because of intermittent WiFi connection and have been experiencing problems With the Synaptic Package Manager. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Could you explain what the issue is with synaptic (the error, screen shot etc), and how are you trying to install said driver.

Use Menu > Settings > Install Drivers to 'deactivate' the driver rather than Synaptic.

I appreciate your suggestion of using "Use Menu > Settings > Install Drivers" but that is exactly what I have been doing and after a search for drivers it comes up with a Broad com 802.11 that I then choose to activate and after download screen and installing drivers I get a screen that I have no control of. If the courser wasn't moving when I moved the mouse I would think that the whole computer was locked up. I have waited as long as 30 min for the computer to finish with no effect. I can't even move the courser to the bottom of the page to try and find a menu tab and have to turn the computer of with the power button. Cut and paste or screenshot is not an option.

It was suggested that I start over with a new installation that I am willing to try if I could get some more help.


Can you please do Create System Report off the System menu and attach it to your next post. Thank you.


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