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Installing Replacement instance of Linux Lite

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I'm thinking that I have really messed things up good now and I don't know how to fix it. I now only have a computer with two lines.

Error: no such partition.   
grub rescue>

What do I do now? It was an old computer anyway but I can't use it for anything now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Sorry for the confusion.

If you just want to wipe the whole OS and start over from scratch, just boot off the LiveCD and use the partition editor to reformat the partition that LL was on before.

If you just want to uninstall the old driver, go to a terminal (on the bottom bar, or CTRL-ALT-T), and type:

--- Code: ---sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source
--- End code ---

.deb files are used by Debian Linux (Debian begat Ubuntu, which begat LL) to install programs.

Here's a further explanation:


Rob I don't know what you want me to do. Uninstall my current one? One what? Are you talking about a driver? And how do I do that? Download the .deb ........? I am lost and it doesn't sound like fun to try and figure all this out.
Can you or anyone else tell me how to remove Linux Lite from this computer? Then maybe I can try it again, hopefully with better results. Donít you think that would be easier?
Thanks for trying to help


I also had this issue. Team LL CAN'T bundle it in, but I've ran into a LiveCD distro or two that do anyway. (Don't ask me which one{s}; I've tried so MANY recently).

Broadcom's refusal to allow this to be included in the Linux kernel DOES create a REAL catch-22, doesn't it? Fortunately, I also have a USB WiFi stick that DOES have a driver included in the kernel.

If you don't (please, correct me if I'm wrong), after you uninstall your current one, you'll have to download the .deb (and any dependencies not already in the kernel) from another 'Net-ready machine, copy it to a CD or flash drive, and install it from there with GDebi or another .deb installer...


Did you install this package - bcmwl-kernel-source because we do not ship Linux Lite with that software.


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