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Installation hung up on 'Creating user'

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Glad you were able to get this all sorted out! Yes, if you resize a Windows partition, it triggers a CHKDSK on the next boot into Windows...


Ticking the encrypt box will cause it to hang at Create User, this is a known Ubuntu bug.

So if encryption of the /home directory doesn't work (it's a known bug) - how do I recover from this?  Will following theses steps recover my installation?

"Can probably solve that easily by following these instructions:  How to Repair MBR (Windows Boot Loader) From Ubuntu.  Open a terminal (Menu -> Accessories -> Terminal), then follow the instructions beginning at step #2.  (Step #1 is unnecessary.)   It would be best to copy/paste those commands as opposed to typing them out.  That way you'll avoid potential typos and/or syntax issues.  Definitely do that for the step #3 command!  If you make a typo, it could wipe out the drive.

When you're done with above, reboot w/o USB and see if it worked.  Then reboot into live LL USB again and post back the output of the two commands in my first post so we can see what partitions are on the drive now.

Let us know your experience level with Linux also.  Will know how detailed to make answers then.

P.s.  Did you have to shrink any Windows partitions before the LL install?  And if so, did you defragment drive before doing that?[/font]
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It is best to start a new post of your own for support rather than adding on to someone else's.  Otherwise things get too confusing with posts aimed at more than one person in the same thread.

When making your post, state the problem you have and provide details on what you've done and what you are stuck on along with basic information about the computer you are using.  Try to clear up the following:

--- Quote from: n7tek ---So if encryption of the /home directory doesn't work (it's a known bug) - how do I recover from this?
--- End quote ---

The answer I gave to mkamerick was about restoring the Windows XP bootloader.  It's unclear from your post whether that is even your problem.  Is it?

--- Quote from: n7tek ---Will following theses steps recover my installation?
--- End quote ---

Not unless booting Windows XP is what you need to recover.

In your new post, state whether this is an installation that you had done and working for a while -- that went bad; or if you had similar problem getting it installed in the first place when checking the option to use encryption?

Let us know if there are any other operating systems on the drive also and what those are?

I'm pretty sure I had the exact same issue as "mkamerick".  I followed the steps listed in this thread and I was able to get the Linux Lite installation completed.  It's good to know that the encryption of the home directory folders & files has a BUG causing the installation to hang since I have to install Linux Lite on 4 more machines.  I did install Linux Lite as a dual boot install with WinXP.  Sorry for the confusion.

I need to learn more about GPart & the other partition programs (which is best & how to do it) but I will post that elsewhere.

Thank you,


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