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Looks as though you can shrink sda1 by 5GB, which would give you appx. 20GB for Linux Lite. Step 1 would be to follow the tutorial I posted and shrink the partition using the Windows management tool. Then reboot into Windows and let "chkdsk" run (should run automatically when you reboot).

Step 2 is to boot into your Linux Lite USB and run the Partition Manager.  You will delete sda5 and sda6, then delete sda2.  This will leave appx. 20GB of unused space following sda1.  At that point, the Linux Lite installer should give you the option of installing on the unused space alongside Windows.

BTW, Windows XP goes end-of-life on April 8.  You may want to consider leaving it completely behind.  :)


Thanks for the informative reply. Gparted: sda1 - 12.35 GiB unused (47.25 used). As for Home folder: nothing there but usual 7 empty folders and Desktop icon.


Hi, Bromax2

It certainly sounds as though you've done at least a partial install - perhaps you aborted at some point?  From your description you have one Linux partition (sda5) and one Linux Swap partition (sda6).  Windows XP is on sda1.

If you would like to have 20GB of drive space available for Linux Lite, you will need to first determine how much actual storage is being used in the 60GB of space XP is using on sda1.  This will tell you whether you can safely reduce sda1 by 5GB or so, which would give you approximately 20GB for Linux Lite.

You can get an idea of occupied drive space by opening "Partition Drives" from the Linux Lite menu.  This runs the GPartEd program (Gnu Partition Editor).  GPartEd will provide a graph of all your partitions, with occupied space shown in a yellowish color.  I have posted an image of my laptop's drive (click the image to enlarge).  You can see that my sda1 (Windows 7) is about 98GB, with about 42GB unused.  If you are keeping XP you will need some "leftover" drive space after resizing to allow for future use.  If you have some unused space on your sda1, then you can resize that partition to make more room for Linux.  If you decide to shrink sda1, do this from Windows XP, not from Linux, and run the Windows checkdisk routine before the next reboot into Windows.  XP has a bad time with resized partitions - especially if you resize using a non-Windows partition manager.

Regarding the Linux partitions:  If you are not sure what these are, you might want to boot into Linux Lite using your USB drive, open the "Home Folder" program (the file browser) and examine the files / directories to see what is there.  If you don't recognize or don't need this data, then we can go from there on freeing up this space for use by Linux Lite - but step 1 is to determine how much unused space you have on sda1.

EDIT:  There is a boring, but accurate, step-by-step tutorial on resizing partitions in XP here:

I have been trying LL on a flashdrive and now want to do a hard drive installation. (Computer: HP microtower, 80 GB ATA, 2 GB RAM, Win XP) I want to keep XP and a few Win programs, at least for the time being, using it as a "local only" computer (running alongside Windows, i.e.). A couple of times I clicked on "Install" from the desktop, and looked at some of the screens, but did not complete installation. A screen said the computer "has multiple operating systems." I unmounted as suggested. Now, instead on having an icon for 80 GB File System on desktop, I have one for 64 GB File System and one for 14 GB File System (latter is full of Linux files.) I.e., sda1 (ntfs) 59.60 GiB with 12.29 unused; sda2 extended 14.93; sda5 ext4 13.06 with 12.55 unused, and sda6 linux-swap 1.87. Slider is set at 8.4 and 5.6, movable to 7.7 and 6.3. I thought I should allow 20 GB for a linux partition. Looking for some suggestions here on what I should do. Did I accidentally install some files? Also thinking about adding a second 80 GB drive (for LL) and leaving the existing HD as is. Thanks for help. Max


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