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Icons in Panel are left-justified and won't move to the right...


Peter B:
Hi there

I've just switched from Windows XP to Linux Lite (1.0.8 Amethyst 32-Bit) and so far most things are fine...except for one unusual problem that I can't solve.
The Date and Time, Volume, Battery Indicator and Network Icons are appearing on the left of my Panel, next to the Menu Button.
I've tried the "move and drag" method to shift them to the right, but they immediately slide back to their original positions on the left.
Could anyone help, please?

You may have the panel not maximized, so it is taking the least amount of needed space (XP does not do that).  You can change that under panel preferences, where "Automatically increase the length" may be checked.  Instead, you can uncheck that and set the "Length (%)" to 100.

I prefer to have the panel  take less space and I position it wherever I want it.  See here.

Hi Peter. If you create a new user is the problem present when first logging in?

Peter B:
Hi riser - my Panel settings are ok, set at 100% length - I originally removed a couple of buttons that I thought I didn't require there, maybe that 's why it happened? I just added a couple back and the spacing seems to have returned to "normal"...
Scott, thanks for your question, I haven't tried to add an extra user yet, but I'll bear that in mind if it happens again.
Maybe I should have tested things a bit more before I committed to the change, but all the important stuff seems to be working well and I'm learning more each day.

Ah, it's probably the default behavior of the notification panel (where the volume and other icons show up automatically).  Without other icons placed on the bar it will slide all the way to the menu.  You could try inserting a separator to see if it it holds the tray off.  If so, make the separator invisible.


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