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How to re-use LVM from 4.8 in 5.4..


Hi All!   I want to move to LL5.4 from LL4.8 and would like to break as little as possible in the process.

I have a 3.8TB LVM block device (Ext4, v1.0) mounted at /home, and another 1.2 TB block device at /media/backups. Current filesystem root is on a 240GB SSD.  There's a spare (unmounted) 120GB SSD available too.

1. Will the LL5.4 install recognise the existing block devices properly / safely and enable me to re-use them without me having to restore huge amounts of data from backups onto new lvm block device(s)?
2. Should I install the new LL5.4 as a dual boot on the spare 120GB SSD?  ...or can I safely install the LL5.4 on the 240GB SSD, wiping the LL4.8?
3. Could/should I consider creating an LVM 360GB SSD block device combining the two SSD's, and install on top of that?  What's the best way of doing that?



Hi ... Did you get this done ? I am new to LL 5.4 and would like to learn more ...


--- Quote from: CP_ PDN on April 03, 2021, 03:33:43 PM ---Hi ... Did you get this done ? I am new to LL 5.4 and would like to learn more ...

--- End quote ---

No... I'm afraid not.  Other than yours I did not get any replies on this forum, and my post of the same question on stack exchange was rejected.   I have the feeling I'm outside the main intent of the LL distro by attempting this sort of thing and would be better to return to the main Ubuntu distro for 'mainstream' LVM support.

So unless there are any late replies on this from the cool folks I will go back to one of the 'core' flavors - probably Budgie.

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I have no experience with LVM managed storage, but with regular BIOS or GPT partitions you can specify that partitions be mounted without formatting.  You need to use the "something else" (sorry, can't recall exact name of option) option at the partition stage.  The other trick is to make sure you create users in the 5.x system with the same userids as the older system so that ownerships match up.  The default "overwrite" partitioning option would only reformat the selected installation drive so if you selected one of the SSDs it wouldn't look at your LVM partitions (and they wouldn't be automatically assigned mount points either, though you could add them later by saving the /etc/fstab from the 4.8 installation and editing the partition details into your 5.4 /etc/fstab - just don't overwrite the 5.4 file with the 4.8 file!).

If it were me, I'd use the spare SSD for the 5.4 install as a dry run - just read up about grub and keep copies of the files on a USB drive so you can easily change back to the 4.8 install if needed.  Once you're comfortable with the process, you can then redo the install onto the main SSD.

@mutineering  @CP_ PDN

It is possible to set up and reuse the LVM partitions.
I use LVM on most if not all set ups at work, those being mostly RHEL, but I did set LL4.x on my laptop with LVM's.

The major benefit (at least for us) is resizing the LVMs on the fly if there is available space in the VG (volume group).
I set up my laptop this way to see if any differences (not that I really see)...

Now, in the set up LL will set up LVM for you - I chose to configure mine different and set mine up prior to install.

I don't recall right off but I know sizing was part of it - maybe used it all I wanted to resize later... etc...

As for reusing, I don't see why not. at the minimum - choose Something Else during install select the Root LVM, you want to choose to format and set as root and install...
If for whatever reason this wouldn't work (formatting), while in the Live environment manually format/setup the Root LVM then the same Something Else choosing to install...


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