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How to upgrade from Linux lite 4.8 to 5.. without reinstalling?

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I've tried many distros. Mainly for portable USB.
THIS distro is the best, simply becasue it's easy to use and everything WORKS!

It's the only distro I've not had to troubleshoot.. and usually fail doing so.

I managed to figure out im Running 4.8.
Can I upgrade without having to do a fresh install?

If so, how?
Thanks !


Linux Lite does not support upgrading between versions, i.e. from 4 to 5.
Neither from 5 RC version to 5 Final.
On the plus side, it's quite fast to reinstall, compared to the big corporate OSes we will not name. ;)

Good luck!

Narender Rao:
Sir, reinstall means fresh and clean install? That is we are to format the entire disc and start the installation!
When LL is based on Ubuntu, why don't we get the boon of upgrading from 4.x to 5.x alike 18.04LTS to 20.04LTS ?! If given the opportunity, it could be more than a boon from the heavens for many LL lovers like me! Hope we could get this from the developers.


Well, I myself keep my data on a separate disk so I only have to reconfigure + reinstall apps, without transfering my data.
Over the years, I have made some simple .sh files to automate the operations and discovered Linux in the process. ;)

I do not know how well reinstalling OVER an existing partition works since I always wiped the disks myself. But I guess you could shrink your current partition and create a different one to install there since dual-booting is possible.
If you already have a dual boot with a Windows partition on there though, that could have other problems from what I read.

As a newcomer to Linux, I would also like to know how to upgrade from LL 4.8 to 5.
With nearly 2000 views it would seem that others feel the same too!

Linux Lite is promoted as a gateway distribution for former Windows users, it would be very useful if there was more constructive guidance from the developers on how to upgrade as painlessly as possible.

Is this something that novice users can expect to see in the near future?


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