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Hostname differs from what is seen by nmap scan of local network


Not sure how you're scanning and from what. In this case the only thing sure is that Linux is the hostname assigned by your router which may or may not be allowing reverse DNS lookup (in this case maybe not) or you have DNS and/or mDNS disabled on your Linux Lite machine somehow (nsswitch. conf I think) Have you tried to set a Samba connection hostname different than the hostname you assigned to your laptop? Are you running this scan from a Windows or a Linux machine? Are you scanning from the laptop itself? I can't give a definitive answer without knowing what machine you are running the scan from.TC     

nmap reports my correct hostname here. Have you made any edits in regard to anything on the machine?


If I do

$ hostname

But given my private IP is

$ sudo nmap -sn | grep
Nmap scan report for LINUX (

So strangely the hostname set on my linux lite laptop is different from what is seen by nmap (logan-asus vs LINUX).

How to fix this? Thx!


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