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Google drive/SyncDrive problem

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Sorry to bother you again, but I need more advice about reinstallation.

I want to keep Windows and replace the existing corrupt Linux Lite in its existing partition.  I'm now reinstalling, but it does not give me this as a standard option:

When I select the first option, it tries to set up another partition to install LL alongside the existing LL and Windows.  The third option takes me to:

At this point, I am out of my depth.  What should I do to replace the existing LL installation?

Thanks Valtam - I'll look forward to the new release.

It won't be a problem in the next release. But it is Google, they can change their mind at anytime. Cheers.

I've now found that I have a 32-bit processor, so I can't install 64-bit Linux Lite and set up Google Drive sync through Grive, which is a issue for me.  I assume that this will still be a problem with the next release of LL, or are you aware of any developments that may solve it?

In the meantime, I'll reinstall the 32-bit.

When you do the new install it will ask you how you want to proceed. Although my advice is not to bother with this Google Drive until it is properly supported later this year.


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