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Google drive/SyncDrive problem

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Thank you for using imgur. What instructions did you use to install SyncDrive?

As I recall, I double-clicked on it in the Downloads directory, which launched the package installer.

I see, yeh that is unfortunately not the correct way to install it. SyncDrive support site is closed and it can't pull files, so it won't work. Your system looks all kind of messed up now. You're better off reinstalling, takes all of 10 minutes, you will have to use the 64bit version of Linux Lite as there is no 32bit support on ubuntu based distros offering 12.04 LTS, then use this guide to install Google Drive: This will be much better supported mid 2014 when the next major release of Linux Lite comes out. For now, it is all rather messy.

Thanks Valtam, I'll have a go at that.  I've just one concern at this stage.  I want to keep Windows installed - how do I get rid of the old Linux Lite installation and install the 64bit version in the same partition?  I'm new to all this and a bit nervous about messing about with partitioning and reformatting, so I need advice that assumes no prior knowledge.


When you do the new install it will ask you how you want to proceed. Although my advice is not to bother with this Google Drive until it is properly supported later this year.


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