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FN Function Key Issues ?.


Jacky Joy:

I am using a Gateway M305CRV laptop and running Lite 1.0.8. I do not have a numlock key on my keyboard but I think the numlock is activated. I have to use the FN function key when typing certain letters and numbers otherwise they come out different EG: U=4, I=5, O=6, etc. I've read this is a common problem. The keyboard is now set for default "Cherry Cymotion Master Linus" and I have a 86 key keyboard including the space bar. I see there are a bunch of keyboard layout options in the Settings-Keyboard menu but I don't see mine. Need Help here. NEWBIE to Linux Lite.


Series 1.x is no longer supported. You'll have to move to Series 4.x or above to get Support. Cheers.

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