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First want to install to a bootable disk then ........



--- Quote ---I wanted to burn LL to a bootable disk.
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You can use writeable DVD or a USB stick. Assuming you are using Windows, instructions are in the manual at

--- Quote ---If I like it I wanted to take the disk and install LL as a dual boot setup on the drive so I can still get to windows 7.
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This is what many people do, but it can look a little intimidating.
Typically dual booting needs care as there are extra steps to free up space on the existing Windows disk and then install LL into that space.
Again, the manual has a guide.
The suggestion of karlheinz is also valid. In this method LL is installed onto an external disk which can be plugged in when you want to boot LL.
Another technique involves creating Virtual Machines in which the host system (either Windows or Linux ) runs a program which emulates the guest operating system.  This requires quite a powerful system so may not be appropriate.

--- Quote ---Has linux changed that ?
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Masking passwords as they are typed is very common to improve security.
Some applications allow you to tick a box to make them visible, but many don't.

--- Quote ---How should I proceed ?
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Ask questions if things aren't clear - the manual is a good source of information and should be consulted..
Make sure your hardware is suitable - A Windows 7 PC is typically 10 or more years old.
It may not be powerful enough to run the latest Linux smoothly, so you might consider Linux Lite 5 rather than 6.
Linux Lite version 5 is supported through to April 2025.
Your PC must support 64bit operation for current operating systems.  Check using the instructions here

Check if your system is BIOS or UEFI.

Make sure you can access your system BIOS (or UEFI) set up and explore the options.  Don't change anything yet.
Access to the BIOS will vary depending on your computer make and model - typically you need to press a specific key as it is booting.
You may need to search online for the method.

Download the Linux Lite ISO file and burn it to DVD or USB drive to create a Live media using the instructions above.
Boot your system from the Live media - this won't impact your Windows installation but will allow you to test things.
Bear in mind that performance when booted from Live media will not be as good as an installed version.

--- Quote ---By the way, where is the download ?
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Die Installation auf einer 2. oder externen Festplatte ist sinnvoll. Dadurch kann Ihr Windows System nicht beschädigt werden.  Ich habe das Linux LL4 mit dem Yumi Bootloader auf einen USB Stick und eine Festplatte installiert (beides von der Seite von CHIP Deutschland heruntergeladen.) Beachten Sie bitte ob ihr Rechner (U)EFI Bootmodus oder BIOS bzw. Legacy Mod. hat. Für die dauerhafte Installtion müssen Sie sich einen Benutzernamen und ein Administratorenpasswort einfallen lassen. Viel Erfolg, K.-H.!

Hello ...... Before I ask questions I should tell you I'm a lady (senior). I know nothing about programming. Just wanted to try this.
I wanted to burn LL to a bootable disk. If I like it I wanted to take the disk and install LL as a dual boot setup on the drive so I can still get to windows 7.
I have someone here at home that will help me to some degree. They told me they had some trouble setting up a different version of linux because it asked for a password and when that was typed it just made unreadable dots. Has linux changed that ? How should I proceed ? By the way, where is the download ?


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