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Error Logs Entries - Should I be concerned..?


Hi All,

I have a number of entries in the dmesg.log file, they may or may not be of concern.
I see many times on forums the comment "If it's working don't concern yourself, or worry"...
"I may have a small oil leak on my car that I don't notice, everything seems O.K... Until my engine seizes up"

So whilst everything "seems" to be O.K, when I see "Kernel Taint", "Bailing" and "Warning" it does concern me.
I really like LinuxLite, so much so that I wiped, rather than Dual Boot my main PC, I wanted a clean install.
I have extensively Googled them,
Some are possible known bugs, some confusing/cryptic, it's just not clear to me, probably due to my like of knowledge.

So should I post them..??,
I have posted one, "Intel Microcode", along with an update,
I think it maybe half fixed.. in that the code seems to be updated, but the old code appears to still load?

Thanks... David

Not sure where this topic sits, but as I observed them whilst I'm at the install of just LinuxLite it'sself, no other apps installed yet, I put it here.

((I have an idea for LinuxLite to stand out from the crowd here, and benefit the LinuxLite developers and help in user adoption/confidence, but that is another post))


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