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DVD installation freezes at Welcome screen

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--- Quote from: Rfish on June 03, 2014, 04:50:17 PM ---Any suggestions to enable PAE?

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It's only something I would recommend advanced users tackle and even then, anything with the word 'force' in it raises a red flag for me. It's not even something I would do but if you're keen, read through this guide here - to be honest I wouldn't support this as we mentioned in the Official 2.0 release announcement non-pae is dead and we're better off using what free time we do have spare supporting the distro in it's released form. Cheers.

Thanks, Valtam, after downloading the .iso via torrent I could start the install in safe mode and rec'd the error that PAE wasn't enabled after all (also d/l'd and burned the non-PAE 2.0 from SourceForge with same result). Forcepae could be used as a workaround but I don't understand how to step thru it and enable it. I usually can Google my way to a solution, but the info I've found on forcepae are a little deep for me. Any suggestions to enable PAE?

You could check the md5sum of the iso file you downloaded, see if it matches the release.

Thanks, it does support PAE (and confirming that I did burn the 32-bit version downloaded via the HTTP download link). Any other thoughts?

Boot into Windows if you still have it on that machine, and follow this guide to check for pae - see 'On Windows' section.


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