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Kevin Perez:
How easy is it to use Geanny to create new c++ projects? Are there a bunch of hoops to jump through just to get a "Hello World" project completed or does it allow you to do this right from the start?

@Kevin Perez
It is easy to install and use Virtual Box...
You can find it along with Geany in Lite Software...
Geany is an IDE editor. I use it and Atom for some coding I do.

Virtual box in the manual

Other ideas

Kevin Perez:
Basically, the reason I hope to install windows on this computer, is I am having extensive problems getting my CodeBlocks compiler to work just after downloading it. I don't need to install Windows 10, the nearly impossible way you just mentioned. It would suffice for me to run it on the virtual box. How would you recommend I go about doing this?

My hopeful game plan is:
1. Install Windows 10 on the virtual box.
2. Install Microsoft's free version of c++ IDE.
3. Create a couple of programs to run on Linux Lite, so I can voice edit word processing documents.
It may be necessary to create a bare-bones word processor, which learns how to anticipate my voice as I edit the documents with the sound of my voice.

Would you know of someone willing and able to help me execute even part of this plan?

If installing LL onto a system with Windows - where LL will be the 2nd installed OS and its own partition.. This is can be done via the Something Else of the installer and selecting the disk (Along Side may recognize the 2nd disk)..

Windows after the fact whether its own disk or partition can get tricky.. Will be tricky.. Not that it can be done, but things like GRUB may need reinstalled; if UEFI ensuring the boot (EFI) partition isn't overwritten by Windows... a couple items that come to mind...
This becomes CLI intense; as I would foresee having to CHROOT to the installed LL from a LL Live environment and rebuilding, hoping.....
Something that is not easily undertaken by those new to Linux, which is the focus of LL...

Most of the time the simplest answer is... Install Windows 1st then install LL.... Else run Windows virtualized like in VirtualBox...
Between LL Help and VB documentation this should be straight forward..

Not saying it cannot be done, I'm sure someone has... I would at the very least backup any data off the system..

Kevin Perez:
I second this request. How may I install Windows on its own partition and thereby dual boot with Linux Lite?


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