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Yes, I've heard people do that but was hoping to narrow it down a bit, mostly to keep options open and save some time - I have usually just started over with distro upgrades, but that's hardly optimal either.

To simply that, you could copy your entire home directory before an install.  Then you can copy back any portion/configuration you feel you need.

Personally, I just leave the home directory as is and work out issues (if any).

I moved to LinuxLite from another debian based distro, and had very few issues by doing that.  But you must be comfortable with modifying settings, searching directories and hidden files, etc.

To each his own.

Thanks! Adding that to my future procedures!


Aside from the obvious (documents, pics, music, etc.), you may want to save the configuration files for programs that you have made personalized settings for.  For example, Firefox, Internet radio programs (radiotray), calendar programs, e-Book programs, etc.

Those config files are usually hidden files (with names that begin with a period ".") under your home folder.  To see them, open your file manager, click View -> Show Hidden Files (or just type key combo "Ctrl+H").  You'll probably want to save your Firefox profile to reuse with the new install.  Doing that eliminates the need to re-download and install any addons you have, re-adjust preferences, re-add bookmarks, etc.  Copy the entire hidden folder of ".mozilla", then just paste that into the new install under /home/mandoran to replace the one that's there.

If you do something like that for many other programs and you're moving from an earlier version of LinuxLite to a newer one, I'd recommend replacing the configs one-at-a-time and testing the respective program right after doing that to be sure everything works okay.  You might also want to make a backup copy of the fresh default file before replacing it, so you can put that back in the event that the newer program version doesn't operate properly with the old config file.

An example for the ".mozilla" folder:

Make copy of original folder on new install

--- Code: ---cp -R /home/mandoran/.mozilla /home/mandoran/.mozilla.orig
--- End code ---

Then replace that ".mozilla" folder with your saved copy from old installation.

--- Code: ---cp -R /path/to/saved/.mozilla /home/mandoran/.mozilla
--- End code ---

If Firefox operates properly, great!  If it doesn't, put the original default folder back:

--- Code: ---mv /home/mandoran/.mozilla.orig /home/mandoran/.mozilla
--- End code ---

P.s.  You could do things like above using your mouse in the file manager, but it's easier to use the terminal (in my opinion).  To accomplish above with mouse and file manager, you would need to copy/paste original .mozilla folder to some other location (Desktop) first; then rename it (.mozilla.orig); then cut and paste it into /home/mandarin; then copy/paste the saved old one into /home/mandarin to replace the current .mozilla.  (At least, I think that's how you'd have to do it -- haven't tried it myself recently.)

Aha, thanks, will root around in there. Hadn't heard that suggested yet.


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