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I believe customisations are mostly found in the /etc folder in your Linux system. Be careful in this folder, as it might break your system, but I doubt that will happen as you are re-installing the same distro. In that case, go for it!

Yes... but I'm new enough to this kind of thing to not know where a lot of the customizations and related files will be found, particularly when hidden or obscure directories might be involved.

I don't really want hard and fast advice, because I am prepared and happy to tinker with the new install anyway, that's part of the upgrade process it seems to me. 

But I would like to know anything that might be useful for tracking down and trying to keep some things - collect information that could be useful and not so obvious to the fairly inexperienced user. I'm not so bothered if things get lost, I would just like to know as much as possible about what might be useful. 

No pressure!

Customisations are a personal preference, so if we would give you a list to do such a thing, it may not be to your taste. Think about the customisations you have done to Linux Lite, write them down or type them into a document of some sort, like maybe LibreOffice /, Google Drive, or in your normal text editor.

Hello all,

I was just wondering if some wise person could give a list of the essential customizations to save before doing a clean install of a new version of Linux Lite. 

I've tried Aptik to prepare somewhat. I know some advise backing up the root and home directories, but that seems like overkill - surely there is a small subset of that that is relevant to changes one might want to keep and reinstall?



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