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Bug: No X for i915 driver on nc4400 notebook



After the ISOs successfully passed hash checks to verify that they downloaded completely and correctly, as for myself, I have installed both 32-bit and 64-bit Linux Lite versions on several actual laptops - some Dells, a Samsung, and some Compaqs and/or HPs. I have not experienced ANY problems that would keep the OS from booting properly. None of them were virtual machines - these just DON'T have enough 'oomph' TO run VirtualBox.

It is my belief that the number one problem people are having with Linux Lite is the failure to run hash checks to verify ISO downloads as successful. During MY time here, I have seen this cause a myriad of various 'problems'.

The only problem I'VE had was with how time was displayed with one app (My Weather Indicator) in the 64-bit version - the times are displayed in UTC, and not in the local timezone. Since it doesn't occur anywhere else in Linux Lite, I see this bug as relatively insignificant, and not worth investing man-hours by the development team to 'run that particular rabbit'.

All I can say further at this point is that if you're dissatisfied. perhaps you should try some other Linux distros to find out if one of them will do a better job of handling your chipset.


Installed properly from USB to sata drive,
on reboot 1.0.8 refused to start X
dead stop.
releases need to be tested on REAL machines and not virtual machines.


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