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Beginner Question - Partitions

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Beginner Question - Partitions
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2023, 01:19:59 PM »


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Want to setup Linux Lite to run from a USB memory stick - the specification is a USB 3.2 64GB.

Firstly, the Linux is just going to be used to do some basic familiarisation with Linux, maybe try some LUA scripting. Appreciate that 64GB is probably way oversized for what I need but it is what I happened to have spare on hand.

I've read the instructions and understand what I need to do, but would appreciate some advice on partitioning.

I know I need a ROOT partition - given I've got loads of space, how big should I make this - I have plenty of space so feeling I should make this generously sized to accomodate any future updates and software downloads.

The instructions I have read also talk about a SWAP partition but I wonder whether I actually need one.  I have 16GB RAM and I'm only intending light use for Linux - so will I ever need a SWAP.  I also understand that if I wanted to use hibernation then I should make the SWAP bigger than the RAM (so in my case bigger than 16GB) but I'm not interested in hibernation - so again do I need a SWAP at all.  Also read that using a SWAP on USB is not great as the access is relatively slow and using it prematurely ages the USB memory.

Then do I need other partitions to keep my stuff separate from the ROOT - this is also better for security as it gives you more control over encryption.  But again, I'm not really bothered by this so is there anything wrong with just having one ROOT partition the full size of the memory stick.

The only thing that occurs is whether I could have a partition that could be accessed by both Linux Lite and Windows 10 - is that possible - again not sure I have a real need for this but I could see how it might be useful.


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