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Authorization password not recognized


Reset your password and include a symbol this time, like $ instead of S.

firenice01 Thanks.  Will try when next handson Dell @ weekend. Will report back.


Try typing password into the username field, it will show how its being entered vs **
Does it look correct there?

Else try resetting the password and see if it accepts... as its post install and configs Yada yada....

Dell Latitide.  UK keyboard. operating windows 7. Introducing Linux ( LL) to new user.
Tried to install ( Dual Boot) LL 6.2.  Source LL6.2 from LL website.  Post download checksum confirmed OK.Etcher iso to externalusb stick.. 
Installed in parallel with existing Window7 OK. London timezone, UK English keyboard, English UK language No encryption. Legacy install. Password Lower and upper case letters - no symbols.  Keys used have no addition symbol options.Installation appears to be OK  Grub option OK, Log on OK using chosen password.Checked settings post installation for language=English UK (Deleting English US option), Keyboard English UK.  Wifi setup OK. - i.e. router password, as typed, accepted.
Checked keyboard output by creating text in Open Office Document.  All keys performing as expected.
HOWEVER on trying to use Lite Tweaks, unable to authorise changes using log on password..Ditto on trying to use Package Manager - Authorisation not possible - Password rejected.
Ideas / remedies appreciated to solve this problem.    Ideally without having to reinstall - adjust partitions etc.Thank you.


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