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Asus BR1100F, bios 216, 64gb emmc

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Well done on getting it working.

Managing applications to automatically run can be done via

Menu->Settings->Session and Startup

Select the Application Autostart tab then add

I can't say which worked, or it was the combination? - but it is installed.
313 bios update
Additional 250gb Samsung 980 M.2 2280 pcle 3.0x4 - bought a screw from ebay, you don't need the stand off.
Now booting from the original board.
USB install using 'etcher' - instead of dvd.

Only thing I very briefly see, during start up, is 'ACPI ERROR'

Just have to work out how to get Firefox and Thunderbird to auto start? Any ideas?

Should I try this, or something similar?

Or, install an M.2 2280 PCle 3.0x4 ssd?

Brand new from Asus.

emmc 64gb G1J38E
from the settings - disk:
file system partition 1
FAT (32 bit version) - not mounted.
device /dev/mmcblk0p1
partition type efi system

partition 2  62gb unknown

uefi realtek pxe ipv4 was in the bios boot menu - now the boot menu is empty :(

I meant what type of hard disk, not DVD.

Several things you've mentioned might indicate that the hard disk or the system access to it may not be working properly.

Windows not booted on original
Hang when creating partition
SMART not available

Did you buy it new and is it under warranty ?


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