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Amd laptop not booting without charger

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Good day everyone. I am a Partially sighted Linux user. Just started using Linux lite. I have recently installed it on an AMD laptop however, I am running into  booting issues. The system works perfectly if it is plugged into the power supply however, it will boot to a black screen without power. I have searched everywhere,  even found other threads with this problem but have not found a solution

Can someone please help

Can any one offer  some assistant? I have been told that this is a bug in the OS
I have also tried updating the AMD drivers and still nothing.

If you have searched everywhere, I'm sure others have too. Sometimes, threads have no solution, that's the case sometimes for any online forum.


@Dash123 What @Jerry says - if no one has an answer --- it may not ----- and it'll be hard for most to give assistance - with minimal details..

Make/Model of laptop -- Dell HP etc ....
We see LL5.4 so assuming the default kernel --- If neither please inform..

Anything added/changed since the original install - has it worked

Could paste the output of..   This will help in deciphering the system info...

--- Code: ---inxi -Zfx
--- End code ---

Perhaps and a very general search yields --
Looks like there maybe be a line to be added to grub ???

I would make a back up (TimeShift) prior to trying...

System specs would be helpful.

Video Card


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