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16GB isn't large enough to install Linux Lite 6.6

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Şerban S.:

--- Quote from: Corendoelpi on April 09, 2024, 08:30:47 AM ---Hello Torrydale,

I attempted to install version 6.6 again to determine when the lack of space message occurs. Surprisingly, it appears right after the keyboard/country selection, leaving me with no option to create a swap file or partition. Given that the laptop only has 2GB of RAM, I would assume the swap file would default to that or even less. My current Bodhi install created a 1.5GB swap file. I appreciate your assistance, but I've decided to stick with what I have for now. Thank you.

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The machine is very old and having a predefined architecture without any upgrade option, it's really difficult to have any expectation from whatever installation.
I guess you can go to a path that is available for years: distros crafted for small storage. Search for this kind of distros.
One example is Tiny Core Linux:

The other approach is the following, but it depends on how much practice you have and what do you expect to get from your machine.

The storage available, is 16 GB. That is: 16,384 MB.
The only available option for partition type is MSDOS.

1. A full installation of Lite 6.6 requires 6,5 GB. We'll round up to 7 = 7,168 MB. That is /dev/sda1, / (Root, boot partition, ext4);

A. Scenario 1:
2. Space left = 9216 MB. We still need at least two partitions: /home and SWAP.
3. /dev/sda2, /home, ext4. The /home partition will take in the default install, some 5,5 GB = 5632 MB. Space left = 3584 MB
4. /dev/sda3 The SWAP partition. Since you have 2048 MB of RAM, that will be enough for swap. Space left = 1536 MB
5. Personal Data. /dev/sda4, /data, ext4, 1536 MB.
You need to use GPartEd Live in order to partition the drive. The size is given in MB, so stick to the partitioning scheme above.
The Main problem is the /home partition.
It is unlikely that you will be able to update the system, due to the lack of space.
So we'll go on another lane. Fine tune the partitions sizes.
Since I never went on this path, I lack the figures regarding each partition's size in MB.
The philosophy behind this, is that the default installation scenario is: "Wipe out media, use entire drive, install OS".
Which, obviously will fail due to "Lack of space..."
My scenario is based on the second assumption of the installer: "Drive already partitioned. Might have another OS".
Although it is impossible for me to know if this workaround will force the installer to let you use the Partition Manager, it worths trying.

Since I never tested any of the fresh installs with df - h, to specifically write down the sizes in MB, the only option I have is "trial & error"...

A. Scenario 2:
Obviously, the previous scenario id for testing purposes.
This one, is slightly different.

1. Main, Boot. Primary, /dev/sda1, / (Root, boot partition, ext4,  7,168 MB. Space left = 9216 MB.);
2. Primary, /dev/sda2, SWAP, 2048 MB. Space left = 7168 MB.;
3. Primary, /dev/sda3, ext4, 7168 MB.
The only fine tuning available in case it fails, is shrink the /dev/sda1 to 6,400 MB and enlarge the /home partition.

Main question still is: Will the installer let you perform partition management?
Second important question is how the drive looks to the installer? Is it a 16,384 MB, or... actually is 16,000,000 bytes?
since I know usually this is the case, than we only have 15,25 GB available.
In this case, the space is 15,625 MB and we need to change the partitions values accordingly. The lowest amount for Root, is 6200 MB.
The lowest amount for SWAP, is 1536 MB.
The rest, goes to /home.

...Later edit:

You may also want to take a look at this:

What caught my eye, is SliTaz.
It has a package converter, tazpkg, which is highly useful: it allows you to choose many other packages for Apps that you desire.

There are multiple workarounds to low storage.
1.The easiest way is of course add more storage but if and when it is not possible you have to do something else (at least if you want Linux Lite).
2. You can try to install an earlier version of Linux Lite from the same series (6.x) and then update, but if there really isn't enough space then this of course does not work.
3. You can add external storage (for example a tiny but fast flash drive) and install Linux Lite on that. If I remember correctly this also bypasses the storage check (it doesn't do magic so the installation still fails if not enough storage at the installation target drive)
4. I really don't recommend that but you technically can flash the LL install image to your computer. Then every time you shut down computer everything is lost (except data stored manually to other partitions and/or cloud storage) You can Google for live session persistence. After all this is not how you are supposed to install it and there will be a lot of problems (for example updates can't really be installed).

Hi torrydale. I just tried again to install 6.6 as I couldn't remember when the lack of space message was given. It's actually given very early, just after the keyboard/country selection. So I don't have the option of creating a swap file or partition. As the laptop only has 2GB of ram I would think the swap file would default to that or even less. The Bodhi install I'm using created a 1.5GB swap file. I appreciate the help but I've decided to just stick with what I have thanks.

@HSB71 ,

You SHOULD be able to install it.  I wonder if the default installation wants to create a large swap file nearly equal to the size of your physical memory.  If that is what is causing the need for more disk space, a workaround could be to manually create a swap partition and set it as a specific size.  Instead of using the default settings, which probably puts everything in a root (ie. /) partition, create a root partition, yourself, and a swap partition.  Maybe allow your swap partition to be 2 GB in size or even much less.

In the upper left of the image below, you can see that my Swp file is only 1.61MB, but the operating system has allotted 9.67GB for swap.  Seems like a waste, but my storage is hundreds of gigabytes in size, so not a big deal in my case.  Since you only have 16GB total to work with, tell the installation what to do.  Make your own swap partition and limit it's size.  I think if you do that, the rest of the installation will be okay.

It's a chromebook and the SSD is soldered so can't be changed. It does say it can be installed on 8GB of storage on the Linux Lite requirements information. It's a pity as it seemed to be easier to use than Bodhi. Never mind, thanks for your reply.


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