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1.0.8 install fails if you try to specify ntfs partition as other mount

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I, too, have had trouble with Canonical's Ubiquity installer properly partitioning hard drives, regardless of the Linux flavor I'm trying to install. I get around that particular problem by running GPartEd from the LiveCD BEFORE I run Ubiquity. That deprives it of the chance to make a mess of things...


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1.0.8 install fails if you try to specify ntfs partition as other mount
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I'd file this under bugs but I am blocked. That pisses me off

tried to install 1.0.8 onto notebook with hard drive pre partitioned
sda2 was set for / and to be formatted to ext4
sda3 was set for /DATA and preformatted  as ntfs
ubiquity refused to continue.

that's a show stopper if one has data they want to be kept while migrating away from microsoft.
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