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Using Youtube on Older Machines

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Just a heads up... an old heads up ;)
YouTube hasn't used Flash since 2015
This sticky isn't relavent anymore. ;)

I've tried this three times, and it woks fine until I reboot, which ends with a completely black logon screen. The first two times reinstalled LL(2.0). the last time, I exited x, and reinstalled flashplugin-installer from the command line & restarted x. I did not uninstall -legacy. The longin screen came back, and flash works only on youtube. I am leaving well enough alone, thought you may find this interesting.The processor is an AMD Athlonxp 2000.


--- Quote from: raysr11 on March 21, 2014, 10:47:55 PM ---I installed Linux Lite 1.0.8 on a Emachines T2341.  I can't get any videos to work.  No YouTube or embedded videos.  I'm thinking that maybe the computer itself.  The video will start to work, a black screen, then will quickly disappear.  The old computer is very hard to find a video card that will work, ddr.  I installed Lite on a brand new 160 G HHD.  It was very speedy at first then I let Lite upgrade and it became very slow and sticky after that.

I have Lite installed on and older Acer small laptop and it works great on it.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can get Lite to work better?

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I hope I am not out of line for talking about other versions of linux on this forum, but if you want something that will run on a really old clunky machine, I have had a lot of luck with puppy precise retro. It is sort of limited, but I have been watching youtube videos on machines with as little as 512 RAM. Adding a swap file helps. I don't think too many people have managed to run Netflix on puppy though. That is what got me trying Linux lite. Netflix is running smooth as butter for me!

UPDATE: Now available for 64bit.


--- Quote from: Valtam on April 24, 2014, 07:15:09 PM ---Thank you gold_finger, do you think I should add this to our repo's when 2.0 is released?

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If that means it will show up in Synaptic then sure, that would probably be a good idea.  (Or you could just add it to the custom install scripts you have listed under "Install Additional Software" in the Menu.)  Depending on how many Win XP users keep their old machines for LL, this could be very useful for some of them (along with everyone else using older machines).  Certainly makes reverting to older flash a lot easier then following all of the steps in the tutorial.


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