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[CLOSED] Installation Follow-up "Partition Mounting" Dilema

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--- Quote from: gold_finger on March 28, 2014, 04:42:30 PM ---Output shows everything is good.

No idea why that properties page looks different for the "Documents" directory -- but it IS set-up right, so no worries.

Thanks for the Cherry Tree link!  I've never heard of that one, but looks interesting.  Will definitely download and play around with it sometime this weekend.

--- End quote ---

Yes, all seems good, I'm working through my check-list, in "CherryTree"

A friend pointed me at it about 3-4 months ago.
He uses it in big way, he writes is own software, and in one of it's uses he keeps all his code snippets, all formatted ready to cut'n'paste.
I find really useful, and I'm using it in a really, really basic way, but it really works for me.

Many Thanks again, until my next Post.
I will mark this closed

Regards - David


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