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xfburn: silently skips certain files


K3B and Brasero both have verify check box options.

That said, using a checking mechanism totally independent of the back up mechanism (as you did) is good practice for critical data.

Hi Guys,

I'm puzzling over this one.  :032:  Just trying to backup a 4GB USB stick to DVD. Want to use the stick to install LL5.6.

Copied the contents to Hard Disk, then tried to write to DVD using xfburn.  Appeared to complete without any problems, but didn't hang about to watch it.

I note there is no Verify option in xfburn. Is there an alternative that has that feature?

Anyway, to workaround, then used an old Windows Utility (WinDiff) on a Windows PC to do a bitwise compare of the source and DVD data.

Thus discovered that 300-odd files where missing from the DVD.  They are "randomly" scattered throughout the source, typically one or two files per bottom-level directory.  Mainly the most important files.  >:(

I suspected that the file structure went too deep, but as I understand, the maximum path length is 256 (or is it 255?) characters.  Did a sample check, found it was only 156 characters deep.  The missing files are on the Hard Disk...

Could it be I have filenames that are too long, or what is the likely problem, please?  Is the path/filename length different on Optical media?

The fact that these omissions happen silently is a bit scary!  :o


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