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usb MyBook stops working overnight

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Dave Adam:
so I've switch to a laptop with 5.2 and the drive works fine, didn't freeze up overnight, still don't know what caused it.


Have you checked the SMART status of the hard drive. Just to know if it's (semi)defective. ;)

Dave Adam:
nothing new to report, and I'll keep trying.  It is very time  consuming because after I try something I have to wait until the next morning to see if it help. 

Just for the record, I still like Linux Lite.

Shout out to Jerry for all he does

Dave Adam:
Couldn't find anything in bios, but I did find some upgrades to grub etc so I figured I'd try that. I'll post result if any


Maybe changing some power saving features in the BIOS could prevent it from freezing.
Like deactivating  it of changing from S5, to S4 or S3, etc.

Also check the SMART status of your hard drive (maybe this can be done in BIOS, or using a tool or the OS, I haven't done this in linux yet) . If it's faulty, it could show from there.


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