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My external device SSD not able to mount for my data files

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Muhammad Umar Farooq:
how i can share the results from the Xfce terminal? Kindly guide me

My apologies.  I made a typing error in the second command - use this

--- Code: ---sudo dmesg
--- End code ---

Regarding the first command can you post back with the result of

--- Code: ---whereis journalctl
--- End code ---

Muhammad Umar Farooq:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I have applied the instructions given by you, but the message display failed in both commands. First output "command not found" Second reply "sudo dmseg command not found"

Having a look at the logs may show what is happening as that error message is very general.  Assuming the SSD is in a USB caddy you could do something like this. 

Boot up your system and allow it to sit idle for a while so nothing is going on in the background.
Open a terminal with 'Ctrl Alt T'
Make a note of the system time in the HH:MM format e.g. 17:55
Connect the external SSD.
If it would normally auto-mount allow enough time for this to complete.
Otherwise attempt to mount it as normal e.g. right click and enter password etc

Once the mount operation has failed run these commands in the terminal.
Replace HH:MM with the value you noted earlier.

--- Code: ---journalctl -b --since HH:MM
--- End code ---
press space bar to page through the output (or enter to advance line by line) until you see (END), then q to exit

You may get extra information with this command

--- Code: ---sudo dmesg
--- End code ---
Edit to correct typing error.

In both cases, you may need to scroll up a bit to find the messages relating to the SSD connection and mount.
A message saying 'New USB device found' would be a typical place to start reviewing.
Check the messages after that and look for any relating to mount errors

Post back with the results if necessary.

Muhammad Umar Farooq:
Dear Sir/Madam,

I was using my previous SSD Hard drive as an external hard drive and was working fine but today unfortunately unable to mount my data files. For further convenience, I am enclosing herewith a screenshot message as I am seeing. "Mount Failed

Failed to mount "127 GB Volume"
Error mounting /dev/sdb5 at /media/linuxlite/ 044f817b-c90b-4713-9339-654368a3f452: wrong fs
type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/sdb5, missing codepage or helper program, or other error

x Close

I shall be very thankful to someone else who can resolve my external SSD device's failure to mount.

Thanks with anticipation,
Muhammad Umar Farooq


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