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How to clone current LL HD to a new disk?


Thanks that worked.  Though, the 64GB disk copied to the 128GB disk as a 64GB drive. I had to boot from the 64GB drive and use gparted to stretch the partition back to 128GB.  In the new cloned system the date and time are really small and I cant seem to fix it.

Use dd from coreutils type into terminal or copy to terminal. Replace /dev/sdx with input drive and /dev/sdy with output drive. You can get those from gparted drive list. if stands for input file and of stands for output file

--- Code: ---sudo dd if=/dev/sdx of=/dev/sdy status=progress bs=4M
--- End code ---

My current LL 4.8 system is on a 64GB ssd and I wanted to copy it to a bigger 128 ssd that I have.  I already booted from a USB drive and use gparted to copy the partition of the 64GB disk to the 128GB disk.  In the bios I made the 128GB the startup disk.  When rebooting the computer would not boot. So I put the start up disk back to the 64GB disk and when the computer booted again, it booted from the 128GB disk. I unplugged the sata cable from the 128GB disk and the computer booted from the 64GB, but now there is a grub menu at startup. 

I'm thinking I'll boot from the usb drive again with only the 128GB drive connected, use gparted to erase that partition.  I'll do some research to remove the grub menu from the startup of the 64GB drive and I'll be back where I started.

So...  what's the best way to clone your LL startup disk to a new bigger disk?



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