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Format new drive with GParted ext4 Error

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Hi Dyslexic1

Display picture:

Then Gparted:
I have never seen this.

Are you root?

Maybe try first 150 gig. Choose ext4, perhaps bootflag on? (And don't forget 'swap' when this works and you try a final setup.)

Hi all

I used Linux on and off for some years never really got my head round it so been dipping my toe back in with Linux Lite. Did use Mint for a bit but had driver problems.

Anyway to my question
So now I install new drive trying to format with GParted ext4 but get an error I make new drive a new partition table bsd that works then try as above ext4.

Drive size 160gb I did a search and see it's not a drive size problem ext4 goes up to TB.

Screen shot of error any help welcome

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i can't add screen shot I will hotlink

Clean up


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