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[SOLVED] Mounting Puzzle


Thanks riser and Valtam.  Sorted now.

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When you click on desktop icon or use Thunar, the system automatically mounts the drive for you, using its label as part of the path.

To replicate this you would have to pre-create the path in /media (/media/bobw/CNM DRIVE) and mount it.


I am mounting an external hard drive with the label CNM DRIVE, which I use for local backups.  When I mount it by right-clicking the desktop icon or by navigating to it in Thunar, it is mounted with a path that includes a folder named CNM DRIVE. For instance, this is the path to the drive's Documents folder:
/media/bobw/CNM DRIVE/Documents/

I cannot find a way of replicating this mount using a command line in the terminal or the root crontab.  When I mount it this way, I get, for instance, the path:

I want the path to be consistent (preferably including the CNM DRIVE folder).  Can anybody help, please?


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