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[SOLVED] Expanding LL partition


Thanks! That makes things clearer. I already had some success mounting the ntfs partition to the system, but these solutions seem more elegant when trying to completely leave behind Windows. Cheers.

You have 2 options:

* Use the ntfs partition as a new ext4 partition (can be done from the running distro, no need to boot into Live mode)
* Start GParted
* Destroy the ntfs partition
* Create a new ext4 partition in the empty space
* Close GParted
* Create a directory where the new partition will be mounted (as root, but change ownership/privileges as needed)
* Add the new partition mount line to /etc/fstab
* Test using "sudo mount -a" and repeat as needed until mounted correctly
* Add the ntfs partition to the existing partition (must be done from the Live mode)
* Boot into Live CD mode
* Start GParted
* Destroy the ntfs partition
* Expand the existing ext4 partition
* Reboot

From what I've gathered until now, I'd go through these steps:

1. Boot from live USB
2. Unmount and destroy the ntfs partition
3. Format the partition to ext4
4. Reboot
5. Check the UUID with blkid
5. Edit the fstab file to mount the new ext4 automatically

Would this be the way forward?

Dear LL community,

Have been using LL for quite some time now and loving it. My old Toshiba Satellite is very happy too.

I'm dual-booting LL and WinXP. I'd like to give LL more breathing space. Currently I've got a partition sda2 formatted ntfs and dedicated WinXP, it only contains files and I'd like to incorporate it into LL. How do I do that? WinXP lives on sda1.

Any help would be very appreciated, thx


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