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Allocating entire hard drive to Linux Lite

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Had the same problem, and solved it as below -

Step 1: Deleted the "unused" partition using GParted

Step 2: Clicked on the Linux partition to "grow" and selected Resize/Move. Now the next step (pop-up window) showed as follows -

                      Free space preceding (MiB) = 0 (default)
                      New size (MiB) = XXXXX         (This is the partition to increase the size of)
                      Free space following (MiB) = YYYYY (This is the "unused", now deleted, partition)
                      Align to = MiB (default)

Just make the value for "YYYYY" = 0 and apply the operation(s).

At the end of all operation(s) "XXXXX" becomes a single partition increased to "XXXXX+YYYYY" size.

Hi bobw,

I'm sure it does,
but the issue I was seeing(or not seeing) when I checked for pauloz
was that the option was not present on the install screen.!!


Thanks for all the replies - really appreciate your comments. Friends of mine just recently acquired an old Acer Aspire 3680 which had Vista on it, which I quickly disposed of when installing Lite and it is humming along beautifully. You're right bobw, the "replace existing installation" option does indeed format and use the entire drive, so really my problems are answered. I'm not prepared to risk messing around with partitions and I'm happy to do a fresh install of Lite on my ASUS EeePC. My contribution to the "suggestion box" would be to make sure the wording in the installation process makes mention of the fact the "replace existing installation" option will format and use the entire drive.


Hi Wirezfree,

Although it's a while since I used the "replace existing installation" option, I'm sure that it formatted and used the entire drive.

Hi bobw,

per pauloz's comment and my comment.
There is "no" option showing to use "Entire Disk"..!!!
I have verified this by booting my live USB stick


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