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Allocating entire hard drive to Linux Lite

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Can you do a "sudo blkid" in the terminal and post the result as code


Thanks for your help, however it's the next step that always stumps me. In the Resize/Move window, the following is displayed:

Free space preceding (MiB) = 0 (default)
New size (MiB) = 56253         (This is the partition I want to increase the size of, but it won't let me. It states this is the maximum size)
Free space following (MiB) = 0 (default)
Align to = MiB (default)

The rest of the space is showing as an unallocated partition 93.12 GiB, but it looks like I need to do something to this unallocated partition to allow me to increase my sda6 (Linux Lite) partition.

Any help appreciated.


Hi Pauloz,
Here's a link to a tutorial on the guidelines Jerry mentioned in reply#2.

Post back if you have any other questions.


If the images are stored else where it reduces the storage required on the server and also lessens the bandwidth the server uses.

This post might help you https://www.linuxliteos.com/forums/index.php?topic=1604.0

Jerry - Your request concerning guidelines for screenshots has confused me somewhat. I chose the option available to me at the time to attach a pdf file, which was the screenshot (converted from png to pdf) and was only 39.2 kB in size, well within the guidelines. Are you saying all attachments must be done the way you have indicated. If so, can you point me in the right direction please?


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