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Xfburn: "Burn mode is not currently implemented"


Jacob Pertou:



Did you click on the Refresh button?

Şerban S.:
Hi! :)

I've been using it for years! ;)
Usually it takes some time to refresh after inserting media, so Jerry is right. It also happens to pop out this message if the device is old or the media is slow.
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the software.
I burned both CDs, DVDs and DVD-DLs and images also, so it works. I also tested the images (for video) with VLC so it really works for whatever you want to burn.
Mostly the problems occure due to the deffective devices. I recommend to clean the lens with a cleaner CD.
I gave up using optical media years ago. I only use CD/DVDs when I need to flash some firmwares, which happens once in a long time... Years...
Unfortunately, as you probably noticed, firmware updates are available only as DOS EXEs so the only workaround is to burn a CD/DVD with the ISO version.

Another idea crossed my mind... Maybe the device is unsupported. Sometimes it happens. Check the supported devices list.

Best regards! :)

Jacob Pertou:

--- Quote from: Jerry on July 26, 2020, 07:37:07 PM ---Did you click on the Refresh button?

--- End quote ---

 :-[ That worked!

(To defend myself, that wasn't intuitive at all, and the pop up I got was quite misleading)

By the way, I agree optical media is obsolete, I mostly use it for iso-files of OS's, to test on my old laptop, that can't boot from USB.


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