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SCSI controller card support?


I have an old SCSI 50pin drive I would like to attach so I am looking at pci controller cards.  Are there any considerations I need to take into account or should any of them just work?

We find out by trying.

Those 50 pin drives should work with just about any SCSI adapter as those are pretty early drives. Later SCSI standards (fast, wide, fast/wide, etc.) were almost always backwards compatible, except for the rather rare LVD (low voltage differential) SCSI that used different voltages in order to allow for longer cable lengths. So, if you can get cables to connect them, you should be fine. For PCs, I always liked the Adaptec cards as they had the best driver support. They might be apple  drives in which Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox case there is pretty much always a built in adapter.


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