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Should I reset the Boot order after installing LL 4.4 with dual Win boot?

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Apologies if this is wrong thread. Yesterday installed 1st ever Linux OS (LL 4.4) in a dual boot scenario. Excellent Instructions (thank you jerry + others) online. Kept the old Vista OS. To install I changed the boot order in the PC's BIOS menu (if I said it right) (F2 at startup) to make the 1st 4 boot options the various USB drives (it didn't work with USB Key but one of the other 3 options -  USB HDD or USB FDD or USB CD/DVD - did work), the single HDD was set to be 2nd last and external DVD (which I do not have) last. I see that the startup manager (name?)  in LL 4.4 is different, showing LL and also Win Vista and Win recovery. I have not tried to go into BIOS again (I expect it will be the same?).

QUESTION: Should I change back the boot order in the BIOS? If so, to what? Thanks in advance. 



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Can leave it as is. I always have my bootable devices first in the BIOS in case I ever need to load a CD/DVD/USB rescue disk.


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