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How to mount second hard drive without a password


I have a second hard drive in this pc and I'd like it to be mounted on start up.  currently it's there, greyed out and I have to double click it and "authentication is required to mount". I know there is a preference/option to not have to authenticate, I did it once before, but I forgot what I did. Where is that option to have the hard drive to be mounted at start up?  Thanks.


Menu/Settings/Disks.... when the app opens click on the left on the drive you want to change, then on the right, under Volumes you will see cogs icon. Click on that and scroll down menu to "Edit Mount Options",

What you need should be there :)


Thanks, I am able to mount the drive at start up.

I do computer repair and sometimes we'll come across a customer with a locked hard drive and no memory of setting one. Are there any ways to remove the lock? Keeping the data is preferred, but optional.


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