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Good idea to clone HDD to ssd?

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Ordered 2 Samsung ssd's, one M.2 and one sata expecting to use Samsung Magician Software. Upon reading about it before they arrive I find the software will not work in Linux.
Is it a good idea to clone ( LL 4.6 & LL 3.8 ) using d.d. or Clonezilla or do a reinstall?
Found this tutorial :
Not sure if this is a solution and if d.d. runs from the live system or from a bootable cd?
Thanks Wayne.
I understand LL 4.6 will do trim and 3.8 I will have to set it up.

Hi Waynebob,
Might this post provide you with a solution for the LL 3.8 install?:


Oobuntus provided the detailed steps towards the end of the thread.

1. Use timeshift to create a backup of your current system - make sure you include your hidden files.
2. Do an install on your new drive - just the minimum
3. Start up the new system and use timeshift to restore the timeshift backup to the new drive - it will overwrite as required and restore your local configs.

You now have you old system on the new drive with all the installed software and matching configs

Copy data from old drive or backups as required.

Thanks for the ideas, I received the ssd's today but am still experimenting on my spare machine. Will post the outcome. :-)

Well I tried cloning on my spare machine.
     -used gparted to shrink 500 gb hdd to 136 gb           succesful ?
     -used clonezilla to clone from 136gb partition to 160 gb hdd     succesful ?
Now the target 160gb hdd will boot (to a grub menu though?)
The source 136gb partition (on 500gb hdd) will not boot even though configured in bios and identified as bootable.
When I unplug the 160gb hdd the 136gb partition will boot (to a grub menu though)
Tried a boot repair disk, both ways still boot to a grub menu first and the source drive (136gb) still will not boot if the 160gb is plugged in.

On my main machine I did a clean install to the M.2 500gb drive. Used Timeshift to restore my backup from 1TB HDD. Worked like a charm or so I thought. After a couple of restarts all the browser logins were not there anymore?
Starting to think Joe Collinís thoughts about just doing a fresh install, especially to a new SSD would be easier and probably better in the long run.
Reading up on grub and grub2 repair stuff and lose interest pretty quick. Getting old (70)
Not really sure if the gparted or the clonezilla broke the boot.

Thanks for the help, I shall keep farting around but a fresh install looks good.



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