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What to do if laptop freezes during a game?

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I think I fixed it. There was a BIOS update released mid June that I did. Then uninstalled ATK and nVidia drivers and installed them again. I think uninstalling and installing nVidia would suffice. Temp around 60-65C for both CPU and GPU without cooling pad.

There is no such thing as "necroposting" if the case is still relevant and remaining unsolved, unless the OP calls it off, but forgets to close the thread. I think the proper system behaviour in response to a problem is actually to crash a program. Then, at least, there is a clear signal, hopefully some error code left, also one is free to continue using the current session. If the software just lingers in an attempt to proceed but most apparently goes nowhere, it is probably a management issue, which means, the drivers or else tell there is a possibility to proceed but the actual resources or otherwise conditions are insufficient. I had similar problem trying to run Outlast without a hacked GPU - that is, with mostly disabled dedicated GPU. It could be the sort of compatibility issue, perhaps. Maybe in your case it was waiting for some network validation which never came.

Just some loose intuitions.

I Know that I am late but check that you have enough swap space then it will became very slow! but not crash. Also if posiible close programs and even unnecessary processes. You can see RAM memory usage with program called resource usage from the default menu should have at least 20% free swap
G means gigabyte    M means megabye   Mem means memory usage/total memory     Swp means swap space     0K/0K means no swap space at all.
And of cource run resource usage when game is running

Or yes, there is another way to force the game close
press CTRL+alt+F2 and type in username and password (it is normal that your password is not visible) as TheDead said, but then type htop and mark game processes with space and arrow keys then press f9 to kill and send kill signal 9 from the list on the left side of your screen with arrow keys then hit enter and press CTRL+F7 to get get back to the desktop. This way you don't lose anything but the game that was open.

Lol, another thread brought back to life!

Was nevered answered though.
So, OP could have presse CTRL-F1 or CTRL-F2 to access a command line.
Logged in using username/password and typed "reboot".

There's more complex procedures but I won't bother the dead more then needed. ;)

Hi there - what settings are your games running on and does your laptop crash on all of your games, or just a couple of them?

In addition to this, do you know the temps of your GPU as very often this can lead to crashes during games when the video card is working hard.

I hope this helps

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