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Supertux 2 and Xmoto wont run


Good to hear its all going well, sometimes tinkering can help us learn :)

i messed whole system by tinkering with it too much so i decided to reinstall LL and now both games work, and work fine.
games probably didn't work because i messed something.
 :D so i decided not to tinker with it that much.
i mean, back in day i reinstalled win xp so many times because i messed something up.
that's the best way to learn something  ;D

It is Ati Radeon 9200 pro Graphics card,
I didn't install any drivers since they installed automatically during LL installation.

What video card do you have? Have you had to install any video driver?

After installation of these games, they just wont run.
Btw, Supertux 1 runs fine, but when i click "Open GL" in setup, game crashes.


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